Top UK Events In 2016

e278ed27a7d5691c3fc294b4337a7fc28bacde32d8894c63a5d33de39c8ea684These are hot UK events this year that should not be missed. If you want to catch the fun, ensure you book in advance. These are some of the hottest events that are completely sold out even before you think.

An exciting real life action game IRL Shooter – Dying Alive is a exciting game series that can be all fun. It is a zombie apocalypse game run in a government facility that was a former prison. It is set with laser weapons and completely interactive environment. It gives a real life experience to the players who get immersed in the game. IT happens at HMP Shrewsbury between January 23-24.

wearabletechKelburn Garden Party is set in the backdrop of 13th century painted castle located on the West Coast, Scotland. It is fun with music, adventure and art. It comes with diverse acts like dance, sounds, reggae, pop up gigs, poetry, glen walks and more. It is held at Kelburn Castle, from July 1-4.

Zombie infection is a walking dead game. Fight your way through deadly zombies that can be a test to your endurance. Put up a brave act against the zombie. Find a place to hide and get trained in weaponry. This can save you from becoming a zombie. The event happens at Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield on varied dates.

The Wearable Technology Show is a great event for wearables like smart devices, IOT and augmented reality. It comes in 7 tracks giving you an opportunity to listen to experts in the field of wearable technology. The event happens at ExCel London on March 15-16.

2000 Trees is set in the Cotswold hills deep in the forest. It is known as Trees. It is a renowned small festival launched by The Guardian. It included Idlewild, The Subways and We Are The Ocean.