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How to Get That Perfect Body for the next Music Festival

audience-868074_640Music festivals are fun. If you are a music lover and you want to follow the performances of your most celebrated artists, then you can go ahead and watch them on the next music festival. Since it is a festival, it can go on for days. There are different performers during the festival. You can watch the performer whom you really want to see. Thus, it helps if you know their performance schedule in advance.

Though music festivals are fun and exciting, they can also be draining. You have to spend several hours awake especially if your chosen performer has to perform late. You also need to sleep on tents especially if the nearest hotel is still several miles away or have been fully booked. In short, the moment you decide to attend music festivals, you also have to prepare your body for the challenge. It is important that you stay fit. Otherwise, you would easily get sick.

Eat healthy

You need to start eating healthy now if you want to lose weight and gain more resistance to illnesses. You have to remove unhealthy dishes from your diet. Try focusing on protein-based diet. It must be rich in meat, beans and nuts. You can also drink protein shake if you are fine with its taste. You have to stop eating sugar-rich foods for a while no matter how tempting it is. Sugar does not just help you gain weight, but also make you feel sleepy. This is the last thing you want to do when you are in a music festival.

Dance at home

You don’t have to hit the gym just to build muscles and get ripped abs if you don’t have the time to do so. You can just dance at home. There are lots of online videos for you to follow. They are easy to deal with. You can dance any time you want. You might even play the songs of your favorite bands while dancing. You are losing weight without necessarily feeling that way. You may also buy the best elliptical for home use so you don’t need to go to the gym just to try it out. It is effective and safe for use, even for first timers.

Get lots of sleep

Again, music festivals can go on for days. If you intend to make it from the start until the end, then you need lots of sleep. You have to prepare for several sleepless nights ahead. You have to gain energy. Therefore, you need to plan ahead. You have to know exactly what to do with your time. You must divide it for exercise, eating, working and sleeping. You need to adjust drastically if this is what it takes to stay fit for the music festival.

Once you are fully prepared, then you can have endless fun. Bring your friends with you to make it even more memorable. Of course, you must prepare your itinerary and make advance reservations.

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How to Recover from a Long and Epic Music Festival


Your favourite music festival has just ended. It’s four days and four nights of pure magic and chaos. While watching your fave bands perform on stage, your adrenaline keeps you going. You do not mind the heat, the crowd, the jostling, the hunger and even lack of sleep. Now that it’s ended, you’ll feel as if all your energy’s zapped from you. How will you survive? How will you recover? It will take more than sleeping and eating to ensure that your mind and body will bounce back.

1. The first thing to do is to make sure that get back safely after the great music fest. Plan out the return trip to your hotel before the event starts. You can either arrange for a taxi or shuttle service to pick you up or arrange for a designated driver if you have your own transportation.

2. It is crucial that you keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after the event. Prepare for it by drinking plenty of water prior to the show. Bring plenty of water with you during the event and drink more afterwards. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Once you have reached your hotel or if you’re already back home, be sure to catch up on sleep. There is nothing better for recovery after partying non-stop for a few nights than this. Close the blinds, turn off the lights, and take as much sleep as as you can. If you’re a frequent party goer, it’s a good idea to invest in one of the top rated mattresses so you are assured that you’ll be able to rest well.

4. Be sure to replenish the nutrients you’ve lost while enjoying the event. Even if you ate plenty, most of those would be considered junk food. Eat a more balanced meal afterwards. Have plenty of vegetables and drink nutritious smoothies. Avoid caffeine sources like coffee and tea, as these are diuretics, which will only dehydrate you.

5. Exercise will help you recover as endorphins will be released, which will aid you in reducing the physical pain. Your mood will greatly improve, too. Do not forget your personal hygiene. Being clean helps you relax and sleep better.

Give yourself a pampering after enjoying a long and epic event. This will help you recover and perhaps get you ready for the next big one.