Music Festivals

How Are Outdoor Venues Prepared for a Music Festival?

Music festivals are getting more popular these days. This is true especially for teenagers and young adults who are on a spring break. There are even those who chase various music festivals around the world just to see their favourite bands perform.

Music festival organizers are on a tough position to ensure that the event becomes a huge success. There are a lot of details that have to be taken care of. People are paying just to get in these venues. Therefore, they have to feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

Here are some tips to take into consideration if you are in charge of preparing a venue for a big music event.

Ensure safety

Before anything else, safety has to be the primary concern. There have been a lot of incidents in the past involving music festivals. There were people who penetrated the area when they didn’t have the intention to join the fun. There were stages that ended up getting broken and crashing a lot of people. Even regular concerts like that of Ariana Grande have not been totally safe as it resulted to a bomb that killed dozens of people.

This is why you have to take safety really seriously. It is important that people are safe at all times. There should be security personnel guarding the perimeters of the festival. There should also be measures in place to stop potential terrorists or other wreck makers.

Perfect stage

Setting up an outdoor stage is a challenge. It should be huge enough so that people can jam with their favourite bands up close. It should also have the ability to hold a large number of people on stage while dancing and rocking at the same time. Again, a previous stage collapse has killed people. This is why a good stage should be something that organizers have to invest on.

Weather changes

It helps a lot if you check the weather in advance before holding an outdoor music festival. In the event of a rain that was totally not anticipated, there should be an option so that the performances will continue. The weather forecast should also be read earlier on so that if there are major storms, the event can simply be rescheduled. You would rather have it canceled than pushed through with lots of potential problems.

Assign cleaning personnel

Although it is done outdoors, people would still love seeing the place totally clean. This is why it is very important to have people assigned on maintaining the cleanliness in the area. It helps a lot if they take the time to prepare the venue and make it spot on before the start of the festival. Once it has started, there should also be people moving around to take the trash. This would ensure that the venue is totally conducive for a music festival.

It also helps if you trim the grass. In music festivals, people usually want to set up a camp where they can just relax while the activities are going on. It would be a big hassle if they can’t relax simply because there are tall grasses. You can check out if you want to buy the best lawn mowers at an affordable rate.

Have a dry run

Once everything is set up, there should be a dry run. There should also be rehearsals done days prior to the event. This allows you to check potential problems and stop them from getting worse. You can still avert the disaster as you still have a few days left to correct the problem. Everyone involved on the actual event must be there during the rehearsals so that they will know exactly what their responsibilities are. They can also change what needs to be changed.

Hope for the best

If you have done everything to make the music festival a huge success, you can only hope for the best. At this point, you have already made everything look great for people to be entertained. There is nothing else that you can do but to hope and pray that things would turn out exactly the way you wanted them to be. If this turns out as a huge success, you can host a similar event in the future.

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