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Top 5 Essential Items to Being to Your next Music Festival

top-5-essential-items-to-being-to-your-next-music-festivalThe idea of being in a music festival seems fun. However, it is not easy preparing for the event. Take note that music festivals could take several days or even a week. The location is also usually remote. There are no accommodation options available except for the concert grounds where you can put up a tent and sleep. This means that if you are planning to attend a music festival, you really have to prepare for it. You must not forget the essential items or else it could spell disaster. Here are the most important things to bring with you.

  1. A thick blanket. If you are to sleep on a tent located at the concert grounds, you need something to keep you warm. A jacket and a small blanket won’t cut it. You need a really thick blanket to wrap around your body. It is really important especially since there are places where temperatures could drop very low. You don’t want to die of hypothermia just because you forgot a thick blanket.
  2. Bottles of water. There are concert venues where they allow some people to open up a store. Usually though, they sell only booze and some unhealthy snacks. They also mark the prices up since it costs them a lot to go there. This is why you need to bring lots of bottled water. You have to stay hydrated. Whether it is hot or cold, you need water to sustain your body. You can’t survive with just booze.
  3. Your Phone. Take note that you are traveling to a remote location. You need to bring your phone just in case you can’t find the place. You also need to call someone if something wrong happens. You can easily seek for help. Just get ready to face some places where signal can be really bad.
  4. Comfortable shoes. It is not enough to bring just a pair of shoes. You need to bring extra. Your feet might start to moist if you have been using the shoes for a long time. You might also get really tired screaming for your favorite band and jamming with them. Therefore, you need comfortable shoes to use before, during and after jamming with your chosen band. Take a look at the shoes offered at ShoeFinale for the best choices.
  5. First aid kit. Again, you are in a far location and there might be no ambulance on site. You might also have to compete with other people who are seeking for medical attention. This is why you need to have your own medical kit. You can treat wounds or take pills for headache if it happens. You will at least feel safe while waiting for medical help to come.

These are really important items that are must-haves for every music festival. You should not forget them. Create a check list so you can easily identify which items you are yet to bring. Go ahead and enjoy the music festival.

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Affordable Ways To Make It To The Summer Music Festivals

codagfrwcaaze_jSummer music festivals are being raved by music fans because it gives you an opportunity to see a number of acts for a single admission price. Go on and enjoy some of the shows from big names like Lallapolooza, Outside Lands, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Firefly and more. Despite the events coming at an affordable price, lodging, food, travel can add up to the cost. Some ways to contain your expenses are listed below.

Share travel cost
Car pooling is the best way to control your travel expenses. Gather your friends and spilt on the gas, tolls and parking cost. If the festival is happening close to your home, take a public transport to avoid parking costs. Many avoid such events because of parking problems and hefty fee.

summer-music-festivals-300x200Camping close to the festival spot
Camping close to the festival spot could save on travel cost. Some festival venues offer camping facility to make the event fun. Avail such options. You can also take a cheap hotel room and make it to the event on time.

Carry your own food supplies
Food and beverages can be expensive at the festival site. Instead of buying from the vendors if you can pack your own food it can turn out to be cheaper. Not all events allow outside food inside. You have to walk to your campsite to refresh. Some even pack protein supplements to the festival to compensate for the nutrient losses.

You can turn a volunteer and take part in the festival. You can volunteer for scanning tickets, cleaning and selling merchandise. You can catch a few acts when you are not working. You can enjoy decent discounts for the show.

Invest in a single day pass
If you cannot afford the passes for the whole festival, try buying for a single day. You can get the taste of the festival. You can still experience tons of music and other arts on a single day and this can save you a lot of money.

What Do The Performers Have To Say On How To Make The Most Of The Event?

galactic-arise-music-festivalEnjoy the music festival to the utmost by following some simple tips. The show stoppers offer some valuable advice on how to make the event memorable.

Aluna George’s Aluna Francis asks you to bring some friends along for the event, but if you miss them don’t waste time searching for them, find new ones. There are lots to socialize. Watch their event at Billadora Music Festival, Bass Center Festival, Firefly Forecastle festival, Panorma and more.

ultra-music-festival-day3-dvs-025_1228Monster and Men’s Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir asks the music buffs to find out what the new bands have to offer. Explore to expand your taste and make fun. This way you can find your potential favorite band. Never litter, respect the environment and enjoy your time. The band plays at Firefly, Latitude, Skral Festival, Glastonbury, Bunbury music festival and more events.

James Bay asks you to take part in the music adventure from discovering and rediscovering art forms. He performs at the Pinkpop festival, T in the Park, Wild Life Festival and more.

Zella Day wishes to compliment on and other in the festival. Being encouraged by peers means a lot for an artist, she informs. Be alcohol free to immerse in the music. She plays at the Mammoth Festival of Beers and Coachella.

Easy Tips On Camping Etiquette

early_birdCamping adds more fun to the music festivals. Bannaroo and Coachella are some of the festivals that have campsites. The experience of living in a community and building new relationships cannot be explained in words. First time festival goers can find it a challenging experience. To help them out, here is a list of some simple tips of camping etiquette.

Read the festival policy thoroughly. There are rules on the site restricting and prohibitions. Follow the rules and benefit.
The weather could be unpredictable. Get a weather report in advance and prepare for the camp. If there is too much sun, carry some shades, battery operated fans and cold beverages. For windy weather bring traps and sandbags to protect your tent from flying off.
Prepare a checklist on the essentials. Share the responsibilities with the group and inform them on what they need to bring. Avoid valuable items on the camp.
tbf13-belasolostage-benko-300x200Reach early to grab the best camp location. Having a camp near the festival entrance could be an added advantage. Camping near food vendors also can help when you are late after the event and want to grab a bite or two.
It is easy to get lost at the camping site. Keep some tags as reminders. Keep track of the landmarks. Remember to choose stationary landmarks. There are zone or section numbers that can help while identifying your tent.
Make friend with your neighbors at the campsite.
Practice the act of kindness
Do not litter at the campsite.
Do not trespass on others personal space just because you can reach the festival site quickly.