How do Rockstars with Long Hair Manage their Locks?

Call it stereotyping but the best way to identify a rockstar is if that person has long unruly hair. It must be an artist thing but that is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the word “rockstar” – long hair! To complete the picture, you imagine someone with leather tights and studded jacket, strumming wildly on his electric guitar.

Now before I burst your mental bubble, let me ask you an amusing question. Did you ever think about how they manage their long hair? Not all rock stars have bad looking hair mind you. There are a few men I could mention whose long mane of hair is everyone’s envy. We have Axl Rose of Guns N Roses, who wears his long straight hair loose or sometimes in braids. There is Joe Elliot of Def Leppard who has a shaggy hairstyle. And Curt Cobain, who wears his natural blonde hair shoulder length and just parted in the middle. He allows it to just hang loose covering his face or flipped back behind his ears.

Of course, being celebrities, they do hire stylists to take care of their locks and probably they spend hours in a salon to get the necessary quality hair care services. It also takes special kinds of hair products to maintain their locks. Even if sometimes they look as if they haven’t showered in a few days, that is just the rough and tough look that they want to project. You can be sure they also use the best sulfate free dandruff shampoo to take care of their hair.

If you pay closer attention, you won’t see a trace of dandruff on their hair. That is proof that they use only the best hair care products on their long mane of hair. They manage to keep it shiny and healthy so they really look good in pictures and up on stage. SuSulphateree dandruff shampoos tend to be expensive because they are made from organic and pure ingredients that are also environment friendly. But you can definitely see results, you get beautiful hair that is dandruff free!

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What Do The Performers Have To Say On How To Make The Most Of The Event?

galactic-arise-music-festivalEnjoy the music festival to the utmost by following some simple tips. The show stoppers offer some valuable advice on how to make the event memorable.

Aluna George’s Aluna Francis asks you to bring some friends along for the event, but if you miss them don’t waste time searching for them, find new ones. There are lots to socialize. Watch their event at Billadora Music Festival, Bass Center Festival, Firefly Forecastle festival, Panorma and more.

ultra-music-festival-day3-dvs-025_1228Monster and Men’s Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir asks the music buffs to find out what the new bands have to offer. Explore to expand your taste and make fun. This way you can find your potential favorite band. Never litter, respect the environment and enjoy your time. The band plays at Firefly, Latitude, Skral Festival, Glastonbury, Bunbury music festival and more events.

James Bay asks you to take part in the music adventure from discovering and rediscovering art forms. He performs at the Pinkpop festival, T in the Park, Wild Life Festival and more.

Zella Day wishes to compliment on and other in the festival. Being encouraged by peers means a lot for an artist, she informs. Be alcohol free to immerse in the music. She plays at the Mammoth Festival of Beers and Coachella.