Affordable Ways To Make It To The Summer Music Festivals

codagfrwcaaze_jSummer music festivals are being raved by music fans because it gives you an opportunity to see a number of acts for a single admission price. Go on and enjoy some of the shows from big names like Lallapolooza, Outside Lands, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Firefly and more. Despite the events coming at an affordable price, lodging, food, travel can add up to the cost. Some ways to contain your expenses are listed below.

Share travel cost
Car pooling is the best way to control your travel expenses. Gather your friends and spilt on the gas, tolls and parking cost. If the festival is happening close to your home, take a public transport to avoid parking costs. Many avoid such events because of parking problems and hefty fee.

summer-music-festivals-300x200Camping close to the festival spot
Camping close to the festival spot could save on travel cost. Some festival venues offer camping facility to make the event fun. Avail such options. You can also take a cheap hotel room and make it to the event on time.

Carry your own food supplies
Food and beverages can be expensive at the festival site. Instead of buying from the vendors if you can pack your own food it can turn out to be cheaper. Not all events allow outside food inside. You have to walk to your campsite to refresh. Some even pack protein supplements to the festival to compensate for the nutrient losses.

You can turn a volunteer and take part in the festival. You can volunteer for scanning tickets, cleaning and selling merchandise. You can catch a few acts when you are not working. You can enjoy decent discounts for the show.

Invest in a single day pass
If you cannot afford the passes for the whole festival, try buying for a single day. You can get the taste of the festival. You can still experience tons of music and other arts on a single day and this can save you a lot of money.