Easy Tips On Camping Etiquette

early_birdCamping adds more fun to the music festivals. Bannaroo and Coachella are some of the festivals that have campsites. The experience of living in a community and building new relationships cannot be explained in words. First time festival goers can find it a challenging experience. To help them out, here is a list of some simple tips of camping etiquette.

Read the festival policy thoroughly. There are rules on the site restricting and prohibitions. Follow the rules and benefit.
The weather could be unpredictable. Get a weather report in advance and prepare for the camp. If there is too much sun, carry some shades, battery operated fans and cold beverages. For windy weather bring traps and sandbags to protect your tent from flying off.
Prepare a checklist on the essentials. Share the responsibilities with the group and inform them on what they need to bring. Avoid valuable items on the camp.
tbf13-belasolostage-benko-300x200Reach early to grab the best camp location. Having a camp near the festival entrance could be an added advantage. Camping near food vendors also can help when you are late after the event and want to grab a bite or two.
It is easy to get lost at the camping site. Keep some tags as reminders. Keep track of the landmarks. Remember to choose stationary landmarks. There are zone or section numbers that can help while identifying your tent.
Make friend with your neighbors at the campsite.
Practice the act of kindness
Do not litter at the campsite.
Do not trespass on others personal space just because you can reach the festival site quickly.