How Are Outdoor Venues Prepared for a Music Festival?

Music festivals are getting more popular these days. This is true especially for teenagers and young adults who are on a spring break. There are even those who chase various music festivals around the world just to see their favourite bands perform.

Music festival organizers are on a tough position to ensure that the event becomes a huge success. There are a lot of details that have to be taken care of. People are paying just to get in these venues. Therefore, they have to feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

Here are some tips to take into consideration if you are in charge of preparing a venue for a big music event.

Ensure safety

Before anything else, safety has to be the primary concern. There have been a lot of incidents in the past involving music festivals. There were people who penetrated the area when they didn’t have the intention to join the fun. There were stages that ended up getting broken and crashing a lot of people. Even regular concerts like that of Ariana Grande have not been totally safe as it resulted to a bomb that killed dozens of people.

This is why you have to take safety really seriously. It is important that people are safe at all times. There should be security personnel guarding the perimeters of the festival. There should also be measures in place to stop potential terrorists or other wreck makers.

Perfect stage

Setting up an outdoor stage is a challenge. It should be huge enough so that people can jam with their favourite bands up close. It should also have the ability to hold a large number of people on stage while dancing and rocking at the same time. Again, a previous stage collapse has killed people. This is why a good stage should be something that organizers have to invest on.

Weather changes

It helps a lot if you check the weather in advance before holding an outdoor music festival. In the event of a rain that was totally not anticipated, there should be an option so that the performances will continue. The weather forecast should also be read earlier on so that if there are major storms, the event can simply be rescheduled. You would rather have it canceled than pushed through with lots of potential problems.

Assign cleaning personnel

Although it is done outdoors, people would still love seeing the place totally clean. This is why it is very important to have people assigned on maintaining the cleanliness in the area. It helps a lot if they take the time to prepare the venue and make it spot on before the start of the festival. Once it has started, there should also be people moving around to take the trash. This would ensure that the venue is totally conducive for a music festival.

It also helps if you trim the grass. In music festivals, people usually want to set up a camp where they can just relax while the activities are going on. It would be a big hassle if they can’t relax simply because there are tall grasses. You can check out if you want to buy the best lawn mowers at an affordable rate.

Have a dry run

Once everything is set up, there should be a dry run. There should also be rehearsals done days prior to the event. This allows you to check potential problems and stop them from getting worse. You can still avert the disaster as you still have a few days left to correct the problem. Everyone involved on the actual event must be there during the rehearsals so that they will know exactly what their responsibilities are. They can also change what needs to be changed.

Hope for the best

If you have done everything to make the music festival a huge success, you can only hope for the best. At this point, you have already made everything look great for people to be entertained. There is nothing else that you can do but to hope and pray that things would turn out exactly the way you wanted them to be. If this turns out as a huge success, you can host a similar event in the future.

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How do Rockstars with Long Hair Manage their Locks?

Call it stereotyping but the best way to identify a rockstar is if that person has long unruly hair. It must be an artist thing but that is the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the word “rockstar” – long hair! To complete the picture, you imagine someone with leather tights and studded jacket, strumming wildly on his electric guitar.

Now before I burst your mental bubble, let me ask you an amusing question. Did you ever think about how they manage their long hair? Not all rock stars have bad looking hair mind you. There are a few men I could mention whose long mane of hair is everyone’s envy. We have Axl Rose of Guns N Roses, who wears his long straight hair loose or sometimes in braids. There is Joe Elliot of Def Leppard who has a shaggy hairstyle. And Curt Cobain, who wears his natural blonde hair shoulder length and just parted in the middle. He allows it to just hang loose covering his face or flipped back behind his ears.

Of course, being celebrities, they do hire stylists to take care of their locks and probably they spend hours in a salon to get the necessary quality hair care services. It also takes special kinds of hair products to maintain their locks. Even if sometimes they look as if they haven’t showered in a few days, that is just the rough and tough look that they want to project. You can be sure they also use the best sulfate free dandruff shampoo to take care of their hair.

If you pay closer attention, you won’t see a trace of dandruff on their hair. That is proof that they use only the best hair care products on their long mane of hair. They manage to keep it shiny and healthy so they really look good in pictures and up on stage. SuSulphateree dandruff shampoos tend to be expensive because they are made from organic and pure ingredients that are also environment friendly. But you can definitely see results, you get beautiful hair that is dandruff free!

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Top 5 Essential Items to Being to Your next Music Festival

top-5-essential-items-to-being-to-your-next-music-festivalThe idea of being in a music festival seems fun. However, it is not easy preparing for the event. Take note that music festivals could take several days or even a week. The location is also usually remote. There are no accommodation options available except for the concert grounds where you can put up a tent and sleep. This means that if you are planning to attend a music festival, you really have to prepare for it. You must not forget the essential items or else it could spell disaster. Here are the most important things to bring with you.

  1. A thick blanket. If you are to sleep on a tent located at the concert grounds, you need something to keep you warm. A jacket and a small blanket won’t cut it. You need a really thick blanket to wrap around your body. It is really important especially since there are places where temperatures could drop very low. You don’t want to die of hypothermia just because you forgot a thick blanket.
  2. Bottles of water. There are concert venues where they allow some people to open up a store. Usually though, they sell only booze and some unhealthy snacks. They also mark the prices up since it costs them a lot to go there. This is why you need to bring lots of bottled water. You have to stay hydrated. Whether it is hot or cold, you need water to sustain your body. You can’t survive with just booze.
  3. Your Phone. Take note that you are traveling to a remote location. You need to bring your phone just in case you can’t find the place. You also need to call someone if something wrong happens. You can easily seek for help. Just get ready to face some places where signal can be really bad.
  4. Comfortable shoes. It is not enough to bring just a pair of shoes. You need to bring extra. Your feet might start to moist if you have been using the shoes for a long time. You might also get really tired screaming for your favorite band and jamming with them. Therefore, you need comfortable shoes to use before, during and after jamming with your chosen band. Take a look at the shoes offered at ShoeFinale for the best choices.
  5. First aid kit. Again, you are in a far location and there might be no ambulance on site. You might also have to compete with other people who are seeking for medical attention. This is why you need to have your own medical kit. You can treat wounds or take pills for headache if it happens. You will at least feel safe while waiting for medical help to come.

These are really important items that are must-haves for every music festival. You should not forget them. Create a check list so you can easily identify which items you are yet to bring. Go ahead and enjoy the music festival.

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How to Get That Perfect Body for the next Music Festival

audience-868074_640Music festivals are fun. If you are a music lover and you want to follow the performances of your most celebrated artists, then you can go ahead and watch them on the next music festival. Since it is a festival, it can go on for days. There are different performers during the festival. You can watch the performer whom you really want to see. Thus, it helps if you know their performance schedule in advance.

Though music festivals are fun and exciting, they can also be draining. You have to spend several hours awake especially if your chosen performer has to perform late. You also need to sleep on tents especially if the nearest hotel is still several miles away or have been fully booked. In short, the moment you decide to attend music festivals, you also have to prepare your body for the challenge. It is important that you stay fit. Otherwise, you would easily get sick.

Eat healthy

You need to start eating healthy now if you want to lose weight and gain more resistance to illnesses. You have to remove unhealthy dishes from your diet. Try focusing on protein-based diet. It must be rich in meat, beans and nuts. You can also drink protein shake if you are fine with its taste. You have to stop eating sugar-rich foods for a while no matter how tempting it is. Sugar does not just help you gain weight, but also make you feel sleepy. This is the last thing you want to do when you are in a music festival.

Dance at home

You don’t have to hit the gym just to build muscles and get ripped abs if you don’t have the time to do so. You can just dance at home. There are lots of online videos for you to follow. They are easy to deal with. You can dance any time you want. You might even play the songs of your favorite bands while dancing. You are losing weight without necessarily feeling that way. You may also buy the best elliptical for home use so you don’t need to go to the gym just to try it out. It is effective and safe for use, even for first timers.

Get lots of sleep

Again, music festivals can go on for days. If you intend to make it from the start until the end, then you need lots of sleep. You have to prepare for several sleepless nights ahead. You have to gain energy. Therefore, you need to plan ahead. You have to know exactly what to do with your time. You must divide it for exercise, eating, working and sleeping. You need to adjust drastically if this is what it takes to stay fit for the music festival.

Once you are fully prepared, then you can have endless fun. Bring your friends with you to make it even more memorable. Of course, you must prepare your itinerary and make advance reservations.

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How to Recover from a Long and Epic Music Festival


Your favourite music festival has just ended. It’s four days and four nights of pure magic and chaos. While watching your fave bands perform on stage, your adrenaline keeps you going. You do not mind the heat, the crowd, the jostling, the hunger and even lack of sleep. Now that it’s ended, you’ll feel as if all your energy’s zapped from you. How will you survive? How will you recover? It will take more than sleeping and eating to ensure that your mind and body will bounce back.

1. The first thing to do is to make sure that get back safely after the great music fest. Plan out the return trip to your hotel before the event starts. You can either arrange for a taxi or shuttle service to pick you up or arrange for a designated driver if you have your own transportation.

2. It is crucial that you keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after the event. Prepare for it by drinking plenty of water prior to the show. Bring plenty of water with you during the event and drink more afterwards. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Once you have reached your hotel or if you’re already back home, be sure to catch up on sleep. There is nothing better for recovery after partying non-stop for a few nights than this. Close the blinds, turn off the lights, and take as much sleep as as you can. If you’re a frequent party goer, it’s a good idea to invest in one of the top rated mattresses so you are assured that you’ll be able to rest well.

4. Be sure to replenish the nutrients you’ve lost while enjoying the event. Even if you ate plenty, most of those would be considered junk food. Eat a more balanced meal afterwards. Have plenty of vegetables and drink nutritious smoothies. Avoid caffeine sources like coffee and tea, as these are diuretics, which will only dehydrate you.

5. Exercise will help you recover as endorphins will be released, which will aid you in reducing the physical pain. Your mood will greatly improve, too. Do not forget your personal hygiene. Being clean helps you relax and sleep better.

Give yourself a pampering after enjoying a long and epic event. This will help you recover and perhaps get you ready for the next big one.

A Listing Of Top Music Festivals In Europe


Festivals of UK are known around the world for their clout and creativity. Listed here are the Best music festivals of Europe.

BoomTown Fair, Winchester: 11-14 Aug, 2016
BoomTown Fair is a hub of non-commercialized music. It consists of nine districts, with varying degrees of vibrancy, fantasy, theatre etc

Bestival, Newport, Isle of Wight: 8-11 Sep, 2016
There are about a thousand performers and absurdity and silliness are found in many forms in this festival. Lit-up lakesides, comedy, theatre, fancy dress makes this an award winning boutique fiesta.

music-festival-300x200Boardmasters, Fistral Beach & Watergate Bay, Newquay: 10-14 Aug, 2016
The best surfers and skaters take part in this, along with the amazing sound tracks that are pop favorites.

Camp Bestival. Lulworth Castlr, Dorset: 28-31 July, 2016
This festival also includes fancy dressing and late night fun, but the only change is that this is entirely family friendly.

Download Festival, Donnington Park, Derby: 10-12 Jun 2016
This is the most prestigious heavy metal hard rock festival in the world.

music-festivalsGlastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset: 22-26 June 2017
This might be one of the oldest festivals, but it is one of the most renowned festivals. It includes theatre and circus shows, with food stalls and other attractions.

The Great Escape, Brighton, Sussex: 19-21 May 2016
This is sea side holiday bonanza, with the sounds of beach waves mix with sound tracks.

Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales: 18-21, Aug 2016
Green Man festival showcases the might of landscapes in Europe, with the Brecon Beacon’s Black mountains as the backdrop. Around 1500 performers arrive at this place to discover theatre comedy and literature.

Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Southwold: 14-17 July, 2016
This festival takes over the English country sides and is much more than a music festival. It has DJs hidden in the woods, Fluffy fields on which the sheep grazes, lake opera, clowns and much more fun with tons of music.

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European Pop-Rock Festivals Never To Miss

azkenarockIsle of Wight, 9 -12 June
The southern island of Britain boasts some truly great hits this year, including Who and Queen, and Sigma, Jess Glynne, DJ from Pendulum from the current generation.

Parklife 11 -12 June
One of the fastest growing music festivals, Parklife, hosts the Seventh year in the Heaton Park, Manchester. Chemical Brothers, Major Lazer are few of the UK gigs exclusively from Ice Cube.

Glastonbury, 22 -26 June
Three of the behemoths of music industry- Muse, Adele and Coldplay will give the most awaited performance to their fans and the excitement is expected to be enormous.

British Summer Time 1 -10 July
This festival may not be the traditional festival that one might expect to witness but this is a star studded event that happens in Hyde Park; there are six starred up events in this one day festival and always has events that satisfy the audience immensely.

Wireless, 8 -10 July

GDYNIA, POLAND - JULY 02: Danielle Haim and Este Haim of Haim perform on stage at Open'er Festival at Gdynia Kosakowo Airport, on July 2, 2014 in Gdynia, Poland. (Photo by Gaelle Beri/Redferns via Getty Images)

This year may not be as starred-up as the previous year’s performances by Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lamar, but this year had Calvin Harris to close the first night.

Latitude, 14-17 July
New Order, Maccabees and ANtional Headline make the top line pretty solid; further down the line there are Grimes, Queens and Christine, with the events all mixed up with comedy, theatre and other art forms.

Bestival, 10 -13 September
The main attraction of this event is the fancy and unusual dresses that are worn by the participants; the dress code is often unusual; Major Lazer, Diplo, Cure and Hot Chip made this year’s event and dance music was also included.

End of the Road, 1 -4 September
In its 10th year, this boutique festival was held at the Larmer Tree Gardens and has the reputation as the very beautiful and perfect way to end the summer. Broken Social Scene, Bat for Lashes and Joanna Newsom stood out in the line-up.

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Art Festivals That Rock This Year

biltmore_villagefair5Family festivals are a great way to bond and do not miss out these family festivals that is rocking this year. Some of the most desired family festival destinations are listed below, go ahead and book your event.

Latitude happens at Southwold, Suffolk between July 14 and 17. It is a destination for pop, indie and electro lovers. The theme is environment friendly. There are workshop for kids, spoken words, live theatre, comedy and more for their entertainment. What you should not miss is the rock bands The National and The Maccabees. To add to this there is plenty of comedy acts lined up from the likes of Josh Widdicombe and Russell Howard. The kids area is complete with craft, face painting, processions, theatre and more.

5015_216780mCamp Bestival is for music buffs and art lovers. It happens on July 28-31 at Lulworth Castle, Dorest. The Festival interest both kids and adults alike. There are fun experiences lined up like live theatre, diverse music and live theatre. The stage will be taken by Jess Gylnne, Fatboy Slim, Bananarama, Tear for Fears and more. Do not miss to watch the Aliens Love Underpants from the West End Productions.

Green Man happens by the Brecon Beacons in Wales from August 18 to 21. If you are a beer lover, this is the place to be. There are 99 varieties of beers on display. Ciders is also on offer. Kids can enjoy the interactive workshops. James Blake, Belle & Sebastian, a Scottish band and more to come this festive season. Einstein’s Garden will be a treat for kids.

Blissfields begins on July 1 at Winchester. The place has turned into electric weekenders’ destination in Hampshire. It stages Indie and hip hop favorites on the stage. Dizzee Rascal, Everything Everything will be on stage. Angel Gardens comes this year with dad dancing competition and kids’ activism club.

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